Scenzza Zenzza Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil For Diffuser 10ml

$34.00 $24.99

If you need a scent that will enhance your environment totally and give you an Exotic, Joyful atmosphere. So, here is the SCENZZA Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil that can make your environment more exotic and joyful.

A joyful, fruity floral scent for the lively, luminous woman who brightens every room she enters. A gentle, floral scent with the essence of Sweet cardamom, and Ocean as top notes. Middle notes with Wine grape and the sweet, airy scent of jasmine express femininity. Zenzza is a delicately powdery scent for the sensitive, softly sensual woman who thrives in intimate situations. The base note of woody underlines the assertive yet elegant character of this fragrance. So, be prepared to be transported to a colorful, exotic world beyond your loveliest imagination.

This scent provides a powerful and glamorous aroma and a significant element that contributes to an earthy and woodsy sense and makes the environment smell good. This Fragrance Oil is budget-friendly and affordable with a long-lasting scent.

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Scenzza Zenzza Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil For Diffuser 10ml
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