Scenzza Momentum Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil For Diffuser 10ml

$34.00 $24.99

If you need a scent that will enhance your environment totally and give you a Modern atmosphere. So, here is the SCENZZA Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil that can make your environment more Vibrant and Modern.

Experience our vibrant, modern scent, which boldly combines aromatic freshness with rich woods, delivering wonderful top notes of Tropical fruits, Creamy scent, and Min. It feels creamy, and hot and smells very incense-like on the pores and skin. Building up the intensity of the Momentum composition, this highly concentrated fragrance contains middle notes of Tonka bean, Candy scent, and Lily of the valley. However, if you permit the heady scent to sit down for a few hours and leave a sweet vanilla scent, it's smooth on the nostril. The base notes of Ebony, Ambergris, and Moss are boosted to create a bold and energizing fragrance with complex facets.

This scent provides a powerful and glamorous aroma and a significant element that contributes to an earthy and woodsy sense and makes the environment smell good. This Fragrance Oil is budget-friendly and affordable with a long-lasting scent.

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Scenzza Momentum Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil For Diffuser 10ml
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