Clary Sage 100% Pure Essential Oil 0.34 fl oz (10 ml)

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Clary Sage 100% Pure Essential Oil 0.34 fl oz (10 ml)

Well renowned for balancing, grounding, and euphoric properties!

Clary sage oil is one of the most useful essential oils in an aromatherapists tool kit. It helps you to see, accept and feel fulfilled with what you have, grounding you and helping you reconnect to the spirit. The main chemical component of Clary Sage oil is linalyl acetate, it is therefore good to use when you are feeling sad, worried, worked up, nervous, or tense. Interestingly, clary sage oil helps to improve your connection with the dream world and improves lucid or vivid dreaming, or at least your ability to recall the dream. Relaxing yet strengthening the balancing effect of clary sage makes it a good choice for mental and emotional fatigue.

Around 2 to 3 drops of clary sage oil, such as these, can be mixed with water and other essential oils and diffused into the air via an essential oil burner. When vaporized, clary sage oil can help purify the Air.

This Essential Oil is completely Safe and Gentle. All of the ingredients are plant-based and natural. It's Cruelty-Free, Hypoallergenic, and Safe from harsh chemicals.

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Clary Sage 100% Pure Essential Oil 0.34 fl oz (10 ml)
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