Eucalyptus 100% Pure Essential Oil 0.34 fl oz (10 ml)

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Eucalyptus features a distinct camphoraceous smell. It's a multifaceted forest scent with hints of mint, honey, and citrus. Imagine hiking along an airy stream inside a sunny pine forest. Eucalyptus is a strong smell, making it hard to match. You can pair it with another strong smell that offers similar olfactory properties, like peppermint or spruce. Or choose a lighter, calmer smell that will complement it, like lavender, rosemary, or sweet orange. Eucalyptus - There's a reason you smell this essential oil in spas and see people hanging eucalyptus leaves in their showers on Pinterest. It purifies the air to keep it fresh, and also works as a natural decongestant.

Scenzza Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil is used as a natural deodorizer. and air freshener. which is used to eliminate odor and spread fragrance in the room. This Essential Oil has an Awesome Smell. A few of her favorites include Peppermint, Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil. These are cleansing oils and can be diffused in your home to help cleanse the air and helps to maintain clear airways.

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Eucalyptus 100% Pure Essential Oil 0.34 fl oz (10 ml)
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