Scenzza Harmony Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil For Diffuser (10ml)

$34.00 $19.99

If you need a scent that will enhance your environment totally and give you a Pure, Fresh, and contemporary atmosphere. So, here is the SCENZZA Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil that can make your environment more Pure and Fresh.

Evoke an atmosphere of calmness and clarity with the White Tea Harmony. A modern top-note composition of Lemon, Sweet pear, Tea, and Cantaloupe makes a joyful statement. It is truly a grand and awe-inspiring composition. Middle notes of Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Marigold, Sunflower, and Violet create the profile of this fragrance. At times boozy and smooth, it is the perfect fragrance for business travelers. Balanced and subtle, Harmony is a representation of a couple as their most natural and vulnerable selves: the connection of souls underneath all the lights and glamor. It is soft and gentle with base notes of Vetiver, Amber, and Tonka bean that are pure, fresh, and contemporary.

This scent provides a powerful and glamorous aroma and a significant element that contributes to an earthy and woodsy sense and makes the environment smell good. This Fragrance Oil is budget-friendly and affordable with a long-lasting scent.

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Scenzza Harmony Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil For Diffuser (10ml)
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