Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser - Suitable for Home and Office - 160ml


  • Decorative Design - This Decorative Air Diffuser looks good in every room. Put it on your bedside table, on a bookshelf, or on your desk. it seamlessly blends and is suited very well to any space and any style.
  • Quiet Operation - Essential oil diffuser works extremely quietly. It can provide a cozy environment for you while you are, reading, working, or doing yoga. This Oil Diffuser will also promote your sleep. With its timers, you don't have to shut off the diffuser personally.
  • Purifies the Air - Essentially, oil diffusers eject a scented mist into your space, helping to mask any lingering odors. So, while air purifiers capture allergens in the air, oil diffusers create an aroma. This oil diffuser will help to prevent allergies.
  • Odor Dispelling - Scent your space with natural sweet fruity and floral fragrances to eliminate bad smells. Put it in the Bedroom. The living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallway, and Office add a fresh smell and fashion to the environment.
  • Great Gift Idea - If you are in the market for a nice and practical gift, you can stop looking. This great essential oil diffuser is a thoughtful gift that everyone can benefit from it. With a combination of style, design, and function like that, it's a great hit!




This Essential Oil diffuser is a type of aromatherapy device that uses ultrasonic waves to create vibrations in the water. This process breaks down the oils into tiny particles that are then released into the air through a fine mist. You place a few drops of essential oils into the water and then turn on your diffuser.

This Diffuser Contains:
1 x Glass Essential Oil Diffuser
1 x power cord (include Adapter)
1 x User Manual

Keys Features :
✓ Highest Quality Material
✓ Long-Lasting and Durable
✓ Work with Efficiency
✓ Mostiureing Air
✓ Helps you to relax.
✓ Promotes feelings of calm.
✓ Boosts your mood.
✓ Reduces the inflammation
✓ Purify the Air for easier breathing.

How does this Ultrasonic diffuser Work?
An ultrasonic essential oil diffuser uses silent and subtle ultrasonic vibrations to break apart essential oils and water, sending them into the air in a cool mist. Scenzza diffusers atomize water and essential oil using sonic waves instead of heating or burning. They don’t utilize any fans & heat.

Extremely Beneficial For Health
Ultrasonic diffusers add the benefits of essential oils to every breath you take, improving your air quality while improving your health and your state of mind. This Essential oil diffuser promotes feelings of calm to encourage better, more restful sleep.

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