Scenzza Green Tea Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil For Diffuser 10ml

$34.00 $24.99

If you need a scent that will enhance your environment totally and give you a Pure, Fresh, and contemporary atmosphere. So, here is the SCENZZA Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil that can make your environment more Pure and Fresh.

From a lush green world of freshness, Green Tea Scent energizes the body. The primary impression of Green Tea brings the vitality of nature with a touch of floral sweetness. The top notes of green tea are Kudzu, Chinese Rhubarb, Lemon, Orange Peel, and Bergamot, which produce a soft smell. Essentially an Eau de Cologne, Green Tea does not undergo an enormous transformation on the skin. The middle note of Green Tea, Mint, Jasmine, Carnation, and Fennel create the profile of this fragrance. Unlike many other aromatherapy scents, that either relax you so much that they lull you to sleep or are very energizing, the smell of green tea relaxes your mind while sharpening your mental focus. It is gentle and sweet with base notes of Birch Moss, Musk, and Bastard.

This scent provides a powerful and glamorous aroma and a significant element that contributes to an earthy and woodsy sense and makes the environment smell good. This Fragrance Oil is budget-friendly and affordable with a long-lasting scent.

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Scenzza Green Tea Deluxe Scent Fragrance Oil For Diffuser 10ml
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